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HIV/AIDS is spreading at frightening speed in former Soviet Central Asian Republics like Tajikistan. Disintegration of the former society, the social insecurity and lack of perspective are major factors in this process. Was formerly alcohol the preferred way to distance oneself from this all, the proximity of Tajikistan to neighbouring heroin producing Afghanistan makes drugs readily available and dangerously cheap.
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My soul is like a snowflake. You are melting it."
Time does not exist in the psychiatric hospital in Surami, Georgia. Excruciatingly slowly, the days roll by in an endless stream. The patients wait. They wait for the soup to be ladled from the huge tureens, for a psychiatrist to find the time to examine them, for a breath of fresh air on the central lawn. But mostly, they wait for cigarettes.
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Solo Films - Erven van de Locht


ERVEN Klaus van de Locht

Klaus van de Locht (1942-2003) was an artist, the vibrant center of his studio packed to the rim with his works. After his death in 2003, the estate was confronted with the dilemma: what to do with this massive body of work?
The filmmaker visits friends, colleagues, collectors and museum officials to find out what happened. Where did this collection end up? Is it still accessible to the public? How do they remember Klaus van de Locht and what is, for them, his present significance? (Dutch spoken)
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Solo Films - DRC CONGO and BURUNDI  

CIVIL War in Congo & Burundi

Repeated outbreaks of violence in the Great Lakes Area have claimed more than 4 millions victims.
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Solo Films - PASO DOBLE  



A light-footed dance movie, starring two colossal cranes.

They turn, they bend and they sway. Like dance partners they attract and repel each other. 12.000 tons of elegance, unloading an ocean liner filled with coal in Flushing Harbour.
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SOLO FILMS - Kresti Prison  


Kresti Prison in Sankt Petersburg is more than 120 years old.
Now the old and derelict building houses 7.500 inmates. More than 1.000
of them suffer from tuberculosis and 1.400 are HIV infected. Two separate
departments house 450 prisoners with mental problems. The tremendous
overpopulation reduces living space to 1 square meter. Awaiting trial, prisoners are forced to remain in these extreme conditions for years on end.
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  Solo Films - Howrah Station  


Howrah Station in Calcutta is one of the busiest railway junctions in Asia.In and around Howrah Station we witness the buzzing activity of travellers, porters, cars and minibuses, We also meet the slum dwellers living alongside the railway track. The narrative style of this documentary shows the maker's background as a photographer.
No dialogue, no commentary, no voice-over. Events develop within a carefully selected frame, edited to create a seductive stream of images.
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